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General explanation
(i would like to apologize all error's langage, my born's langage is french)

Brief description  :

Eve Indus, is a website tool totally free, without ads, for players of Eve Online, offering a variety of tools to facilitate life-saving and managing his ISK.
Eve Indus has been approved by CCP, and therefore part of the list of fan sites.

How Website can be better than freeware ?

Some of you will probably say that many programs already exist in this context, like Evemeep, so, why a website? 
Well, because the advantage of being online gives you updated information online, or have a joint account corporation to know, corporation’s production cost (for example, if a member of your corporation, bought 1 million tritanium with corporation's account, the average price of tritanium updates itself every time and all items wich need tritanium will be updated). 
In addition, Eve Indus does not require any installation, there is no risk of trojan or virus usualy found on this type of programs. 
Not to mention the potential for future development tools , such as a store house visible when the server is offline, which could be introduced at the request of members.
Of course, being a website you can access them from anywhere in the world, unlike a fixed program on the machine where it is installed.


My presentation and why did I do this site?

My name is Steeve Cordier (Asteriade in game), I have thirty years and I am web developer to my account. Eve Indus allows me to practice my skills on a theme that I particularly like because I'm also player of Eve since many years. Finding no satisfaction on programs or Excel spreadsheet to calculate my costs of production, I threw myself into this project. 
This work has been a real challenge, because even if it does not appear, dissect and manipulate the database of Eve is not so simple. 
So now I would like seeing a lot of players enjoy my work.


Why is it necessary to create an account on Eve Indus?

Eve industrial application need an account, because most web pages are based on your data, your own collection of blueprints, your own purchase price, etc. .. So an anonymous connection to the site would not display all the pages. However, a demo account can be used, login: fake and password: eveindus. 
However, there is no return email for account validation, you could register any email, but if you forget your password, you'll never get it back. 
Of course, do not login with the password ccp! 
Currently, email is used only to retrieve their password, however, in future, may be that your mail will be other uses.


The various tools offered by Eve Indus :

On each page you will find an icon to have the detailed information about it, as the explanation of the various calculations.


- Save-its purchase price in order to know the average price of building materials.

Of course, without knowing the values ​​of construction materials, it is impossible to calculate the cost of production, therefore a tool to record his purchases was coded to obtain the average value of each component. 
Personally, I also use this tool for Trade, knowing my average on each element, I confine myself to buy as much as possible below my average price to the lower maximum. And sometimes, when I, for example, 50 Million tritanium and my average is 2.5, and that on the market I see Isk buy order at 3.2, and I get a nice margin. 
To avoid having to manually enter every purchase, a system API key has been established, that scan your transaction and proposes to add a list box, with each of your purchases. However, I am aware that many of you do not have enough trust to write your API key, which I understand perfectly, so it is entirely possible to do without, and manually register your purchases.


- Save your blueprints

You must record your blueprints and their compositions, to know your production costs, which seems logical. Of course you need to do this once.


- Save your inventions with calculation of success rates.

If you make Tech 2, you know how complicated it is to know its cost of Tech 2 blueprint, and so the cost of the item that follows. With this tool, you will know your success rate, your cost to evaluate where is the best profit.


- Save your tech 2 Blueprints

In the same way as the Tech 1, you will save the Tech 2 version which will automatically pair to the cost of producing the blueprint Tech 2.


- Know ISK value after reprocess

This tool does not look, but he can do a lot of ISK without any risk. Indeed, through the database of Eve official industrial Eve knows precisely the result of each item after reprocess. By linking this information to your average price, and price reference, you'll know before they purchase the item, the value of ISK that you could draw, or its value in minerals. 
You can also store a series of favorites for the procedure is faster. Obviously the site can be brows in Game, and icons allow you to open the market quickly with a click on the target object. 
For example, imagine that you are in Jita, you start by adapting the reference price of the tool in order to buy order mineral from Jita. Then you open your list of favorites, and with two clicks you will know if the item is sold cheaper than it will bring you in 30 seconds, after reprocess and resale on the spot (do not forget the% tax resale). With the fluctuating price of minerals, price are often much more beneficial than we imagine. 
Personally I am very proud of this tool, because recently I have made over 200 million in 1 hour, thanks to a resale Ship below tritanium prices during the sale, so I bought absolutely whole batch was therefore to immediately sell my result reprocess. 
Even if you are not very rich at the base, it would be enough to buy one, reprocess, resale, then buy two, and so on. 
This tool can also be applied to other features of advantage reprocess as recycling of old modules, whether they are profitable or not reprocess, according to its meta lvl etc. ..


- Know your needs before manufacture

I set up this tool, because I don’t really like when at manufactur’s launch, I realize I'm missing this or that, and I need to make several jumps again races before running the factory. 
So to avoid this, you can specify the different elements that you produce, and you'll get a page that summarizes everything you need, and their value in m3 to customize your ship to your races. If you make the Tech 2, you will also have the list of sub components required, such as RAM or Tech 1 versions, components or sub like Plasma Thruster etc. .. 
This tool also offers the possibility to store the resulting page, allowing you to return later to see what you need.


-Know your needs before invention

Like your needs before manufacture , in this tool you can specify the number of copy blueprint to be submitted to the invention, and you will know the number of DataCore needed. 
You can save the page, and even recommended, because then you will have a resum, once  inventions is completed, you’ll need the number of attempts you have made.


If you have any questions, feel free to visit the tutorial section of the site, or contact me squarely on the site or in Game (Asteriade). 
Criticisms and suggestions are welcome.
Enjoy and fly safe !

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